Drought Tolerant Design

We specialize in garden design with water conservation in mind.

Our climate is changing and summers are dryer and hotter.  We keep that in mind when we create designs.  We create designs using low water use plants to save you money, time and resources.  The design we create is for you.  It is your garden after all.   We have ideas and insights but the initial idea comes from your needs, wants, and desires.  It is a garden you need to love.

We also specialize in pet friendly gardens working with the garden you have to improve it for your four legged friend, or we start from scratch and create a garden you and your pet will enjoy.  They are important members of the family too!

The design process:

  • We come to your space for an initial assessment.
  • We take measurements and make a base map.
  • We have one to three meetings to go over design concepts and plant choices.
  • You are provided with a final design that contractors can use for installation and a plant list.

We also have design options if you do not want or need a full design.

Drought tolerant garden
Pine tree before
Pine tree after

"Thank you so much!  We really appreciate your work and that you are dependable."

Marcy B.

"You are first a wonderful person, an expert who is knowledgeable and helpful to me and my clients. I just wanted to take a second to say so."

Carol L. (designer)