Clients Speak!

"It is a pleasure to work with you and I enjoy our garden every day – just looking at it, so much nicer than last year.

Thank you so much for all your help."

Heike G.

 "I just wanted to say, that the screen exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much."

Catherine J.

"You did a great job on our Japanese maples.   I go out at least twice a day to look at them and it makes me happy.  Thanks for the great work you did!  I'll sell more houses so we can have you come back and work your magic on more of our yard.  I will definitely recommend you  if anyone needs an arborist or a landscape contractor.  You're great!"

Diane P.

"It was dark when I got home last night but couldn’t wait to see your work and the yard looks so much better. I was laughing this morning as I imagine the plants must feel like they had a day of spa treatment.  Especially the pretty cherry and little maples look downright cheerful.  Thanks for a meticulous and beautiful job."

Chris S.

"Thank you again for a great job done!  For taking such care with the plants etc. and for cleaning up so well.  Please save a space on your fall schedule for pruning and probably more.  A shout out to your crew, they are the best." 

Wendy L

"I want to tell you the yard looked so wonderful.  You guys did such a great job.  The pots were so cool.  Thanks again I was just so overwhelmed with it and it looks great."

Sue S.

"You are first a wonderful person, an expert who is knowledgeable and helpful to me and my clients. I just wanted to take a second to say so."

Carol L. (designer)

"Thank you so much!  We really appreciate your work and that you are dependable."

Marcy B.

I want to thank you for taking such good care of my yard this  year and in the past! I am enjoying my yard and appreciate you helping me keep it in shape.

Margaret L.

“Thanks for your excellent work on our trees and shrubs. You did a great job and we appreciate your thorough clean up too!”

— Rick Z. (homeowner)

“I have used Anne’s ornamental pruning services for a few of my clients with great results! She is reliable and responsive to their needs, and increases the value of all the plants she touches! She can really enhance the best of a plant’s natural form.”

Amy Whitworth (landscape designer)

"I recommended Anne Taylor to a client to prune several of her sad-looking trees. The next time I saw the trees after Anne pruned them, they were 'new' trees. She knew exactly where to make each cut to transform ugly duckings into swans."

Vanessa Nagel, ( garden designer)