Sustainable Design





Sustainable Design

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are the latest in design and rain water containment plans. Sustainability means keeping the rain water on your land and not in the sewers. I have received training at the Oregon Gardens and through the city of Portland for installation and design of rain gardens.

Water wise garden design with low water use plants to save you money, time, and resources! This does not mean only cactus and yucca!

Pet friendly gardens

Living Elements Landscape LLC also specializes in creating pet friendly gardens!  I can help you design a new garden or improve your current garden to be a friendly environment your whole family can enjoy including your four legged members!  Everyone loves to be outside and both humans and their pets can peacefully enjoy the space.  I have solutions to some of the biggest challanges like digging, worn places, and possible toxic plants.  Gardens can be designed specifically for your pet, or have special spots adapted for their needs.  Just think how happy your pet will be!

Check out the Coming Attractions page for speaking events on gardening with your pet.

Read the Oregonian newspaper article.


Not one design fits all!

A garden design can mean different things to different people.  Perhaps you just need a small bed designed with plants that will grow well and  you just need a list of plants. Maybe you need some ideas to get you thinking.  Maybe this is the year for a total re-do for your outdoor space.  Living Elements Landscape LLC can help from small to large.  We strive on giving you what you want and need in a design.  We don't have distinct design plans for you to choose from, so that means no miminum fee.  

Our design fees are based on what you need in a design: 

  • consulting
  • plant lists
  • hardscapes
  • base maps
  • full design
  • meetings with other contractors

Payment schedules vary depending on the scale of the design.  A deposit is required to start the design process and balances due thereafter.

Landscape contractors

Living Elements Landscape LLC is a licensed landscape company, meaning we hold a license with the state of Oregon to  install landscapes.  We are insured and bonded, protecting you with installation of your garden projects.

Some of the garden projects we install are:    

  • living walls  
  • small pathways
  • planting plants
  • trellis'
  • planting containers
  • mulching
  • garden beds

               Living Walls, Design, Tree Care and Organic Gardening