Organic Landscape Maintenance



Organic Gardening

Go organic! Get rid of the petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides! Organic gardening does not have to be unsightly or just for hippies!

Organic gardening is not important only for vegetables, but also for ornamentals. Keeping pesticides and chemicals out of your garden is important for the health of living organisms and the Earth. Pesticides and insecticides have been shown to be a possible cause of cancer and other diseases, so keep them out!

Soil is the base for all living things. Improving the soil is important so micro-organism numbers will increase, which will help root health. A sanitized planting bed is not a healthy environment for beneficial microbes!

How to have healthy soil:

  • Do not use petroleum based fertilizers
  • Do not use chemicals to kill weeds and insects
  • Keep beds tidy but not ‘sanitized’
  • Use compost
  • Don’t be afraid of insects, most are good
  • Use organic fertilizers
  • Do not over work the soil

Living Elements Landscape LLC organic landscape maintenance

I do most of the gardening by hand with hand tools. The blower I use is a 4 stroke, meaning it uses less gas, is quieter, and produces less pollution than the traditional 2 stroke blower. It is only used when necessary. It is my goal to use as few gas powered tools as possible, to reduce the noise and air pollution.

I use organic fertilizers when necessary, and I love to use compost to improve the soil! I do not use pesticides or insecticides, but find other natural methods to remove pests and weeds. I also teach tolerance. Every garden has some weeds and pests, but they need to be kept at a miminum and not allowed take over or look unsightly.

Organic gardening services can be a one time clean-up, seasonal, bi-weekly, or weekly.

Payments for gardening are based on an hourly rate.  Monthly billing is available for weekly or bi-weekly gardening.

We also create container gardens on site for annual and seasonal interest!

Landscape Contracting

Living Elements Landscape LLC is a licensed landscape company, meaning we hold a license with the state of Oregon to  install landscapes.  We are insured and bonded, protecting you with installation of your garden projects.  Jobs are bid and easy to understand, so you don't have a surprise bill in the end.

We excel in with working directly with you, and your designer on site to get the look you imagine.

Some of the garden projects we install:    

  • living walls  
  • small pathways
  • planting plants
  • trellis'
  • planting containers
  • mulching/soil work
  • garden beds


"It looks GREAT! My daughter called last night and said it looks fantastic, I agree.  I am so glad I found you in the Oregonian!   Janet H. (homeowner)

"I just wanted to say, that the screen exceeded my expectations!  Thank you so much!"   Catherine J. (homeowner)

"It is a pleasure to work with you and I enjoy our garden every day--just looking at it.  So much nicer than last year!  Heike G. (homeowner)

"My husband asked me to email and tell you how nice we think the yard looks.  We really appreciate your work."  Maxine M. (homeowner)

"Best looking spring in years, thanks Anne!"  Nick R. (homeowner)

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