Living Walls and Green Installations


Living Wall

 Living Walls and Green Installations

Living Walls

We design, build, and install free standing Living Wall systems.  Our Living Walls can stand on their own so they do not need to be attached to the house or garage.  They can be put virtually anywhere!

The wall can be 8' tall by 8' wide, 4' tall by 2' wide, hanging, or what your wishes may be.  We will come to your site, talk with you about your needs, what type of Living Wall you would like and we will create your custom system. 

The possibilities are endless! Do you need to hide an ugly air conditioner, nosey neighbour, or concrete wall?  Do you want privacy on your your patio or hot tub? They are a perfect solid screen!

Living Elements Landscape LLC is a one stop shop for your Living Wall.  We do all of the work from start to finish. Please contact us for more information.


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Living Towers

Living Towers are our newest installation.  They are created in the same fashion as the walls, specifically for the spot, care in the plant choice, a special