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Speaking Events

Below are some topics I cover, but at this time, no events are planned

Gardens and your pets

Seminar on pet friendly gardens; challanges and solutions for your pet in the garden. The talk is followed by your questions.  You can have a pet and a beautiful garden!  This seminar is co-hosted with Melinda Frey of Raindrop Garden Design.

Curious about living walls?

I talk about building living walls, how they work, the best plants to use, and the do's and don't with watering them.


Read the article in the Oregonian newspaper about Melinda and Anne

"Gardening with Pets: Landscape Pros share tips."

 Read the article in the Oregonian newspaper about our Living Walls!

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Listen to the radio!

My husband, Ross Montana, and I have been interviewed about our living walls. We talk about the process, the challanges of working together, and if we would do it again.  This will be your chance to see inside the lives of two creative people working together to create the walls.

The interview was originally aired March 26, then again March 30. You can listen now by going to:, the show is called "I made that."  It is the first interview.


Look for up-coming information on The Living Wall!  Living Elements Landscape LLC designs, builds, and instals free-standing walls created to fit your space.  They can be 8' by 8' tall and wide, towers, or hanging systems to fullfill your needs.  They are terrific for creating privacy on your patio, deck, and hot tub space.  If you need to know more, please contact us!


Come see the  garden space we created on Hawthorne! We have created an outdoor dining space for the  Hawthorne Hophouse!  It is located on the corner of 41st and Hawthorne.  The two living towers are up and planted along with the planters and trellis work.  Visit often and watch the towers grow and fill in.  Stop by and take a look!

               Living Walls, Design, Tree Care and Organic Gardening