Correct pruning of your landscape trees and shrubs, increase the health and value of the plants, while improving the aesthetics and value of your home.

I work with trees that are 25’ or shorter on a ladder. I use hand tools to stay away from noisy, polluting gas powered equipment. Trees and shrubs get a better shape pruning by hand.

Before I start, I talk with the client to understand their wishes and needs, and the reason they want the tree or shrub pruned. It is best to know exactly the expectations of the client before any pruning starts. Once the limb is gone, it cannot be put back on! I work with the structure of the tree, and prune for the best shape and form of the tree. I do not top trees!

I have an artistic eye while pruning, and have a great feel for Japanese maples.

My belief is to observe the tree or shrub, prune correctly, step back, and look at the tree or shrub again, and to have a ‘light hand’ at pruning.


“Thanks for your excellent work on our trees and shrubs. You did a great job and we appreciate your thorough clean up too!”  Rick Z. (homeowner)  
"You did a great job on our Japanese maples.  I go outside twice a day to look at them and it makes me happy.  Thanks for the great work you did!"  Diane P. (homeowner and realitor)

“I have used Anne’s ornamental pruning services for a few of my clients with great results! She is reliable and responsive to their needs, and increases the value of all the plants she touches! She can really enhance the best of a plant’s natural form.”   Amy Whitworth  (landscape designer)


"I recommended Anne Taylor to a client to prune several of her sad-looking trees.  The next time I saw the trees after Anne pruned them, they were 'new' trees.  She knew exactly where to make each cut to transform ugly duckings into swans."   Vanessa Nagel, ( garden designer)

The cost for services varies, depending on size of trees and shrubs. Free estimates of course!  
Payment is due at time of service.


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